Sunday, January 25, 2009

Yes, We Can - Blog Again

Dr Christiane Paul's New Book: Digital Art

It's time to start posting to AotN again. It's been over six months since I finished the two courses on new media  taught by Dr Christiane Paul at UC Berkeley, yet I have been incapable of producing a new post. The whole point of taking the courses was to help me write better posts.

But she was so good. And the readings she assigned were so good. Dr Paul is a true educator. She takes the mumbled, babbled question of a student, summarizes it far more eloquently than what was first voiced, then responds with a breadth and clarity that adds layers of extra meaning to the student's original query. The readings from PDFs, web sites or the New Media Reader pushed deeper and deeper as the courses progressed and we students could reference the knowledge of previous readings on the later readings.

One work that she hardly mentioned is her own work Digital Art - which has just come out in a second edition. The image for this post is the book cover. I have just ordered a copy from Amazon.

I feel that my thoughts and writing style are so childish in comparison. Perhaps I can make up for the of the lack of quality with my enthusiasm. Nevertheless I am reminded of Sir Isaac Newton's words "If I have seen further it is only by standing on the shoulders of Giants." But in my case, I am still standing somewhat nearer their giant armpits.

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