Sunday, September 30, 2007

Web-Artist: Michiel Knaven

Michiel Knaven is a Dutch artist living in Zwolle, Netherlands with a web site at He seems happy working with images, electronics, mechanical engineering, music, coding and so on. He's a also techie.

He has been exhibiting works since 1993 so his education and early development occurred well before the Internet came into wide usage. But if somebody is an artist and a techie is it not natural and perhaps almost inevitable that such a person might want to produce web-art?

In Michiel's case, his output flows fluidly from installations to photography to web-art. His web site moves seamlessly from depicting his traditional media to engaging you in little on-line interactions. He's seems at his happiest working in Flash but works with JavaScript as well. My favorite work (of the things viewed so far) is Leonardo's Flight which references both the inventor and a legendary "Flying Dutchman".

One part of Michael's web site is quite special. It is a web-art-portal with over a hundred links last updated in 2004. It lists many early web-art sites. If you want a good and quick overview of what web-artists were doing during the dot com boom Michel's *** Net Guide is a great place to start.

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